Disney World Is Neoliberalism's Fortress

Neoliberalism, politics, & more!

Alex Mell-Taylor
1 min readFeb 12, 2024


Photo by Kin Li on Unsplash

I recently burnt out of leftist activism (see Being A Part of Metro DC DSA Broke Me) and went on vacation to Disney World. It was a wonderful experience, even if it was a strange one for a left-leaning person such as myself. I felt almost dysphoric in a space that was so magical and fun and exciting but also monetized everything along the way. Every photo taken on a ride, every drink, and every piece of food would cost money for a park that already charged hundreds of dollars for admission.

The most predatory example was the Disney Vacation Club timeshares positioned everywhere in the park, each decorated in a theme to make them seem like a fun alternative to the park's overcrowded rides. This program costs tens of thousands of dollars (or payable per month by taking out a 10-year, high-interest loan) and, like all timeshares, does not allow you to choose specific dates but merely provides "options."

It was not simply the expense, though, that felt unsettling, but the park's ideology.

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