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  • Lesley Mncina

    Lesley Mncina

    20 year old . software engineering student and passionate part time writer . please follow me and gain access to daily informative articles

  • Sudip Bhattacharya

    Sudip Bhattacharya

  • Meagon Nolasco

    Meagon Nolasco

    Here you’ll find queer writings, stories of mental health, a disdain for police and a warm fuzzy demeanor. Subscribe please! Comment always-all dialogues matter

  • Chelsea Wong

    Chelsea Wong

    21 | British Hong Konger | Management and Psychology student | Lupus | Mental Health | Lifestyle | Travel and Culture | Relationships

  • Tica Darius

    Tica Darius

    Life mission of writing about the bullshit of late-stage capitalism and stupid conservative babble. Anarchist, left-wing, and very mad. Content writer.

  • Laura Halls

    Laura Halls

    Trans/Genderfluid writer writing whatever comes to mind

  • Anthony Eichberger

    Anthony Eichberger

    Gay. Millennial. Pagan/Polytheist. Disabled. Rural-Born. Politically-Independent. Fashion-Challenged. Rational Egoist. Survivor. #AgriWarrior (Deal With It!)

  • Polly Glott

    Polly Glott

    Helping you learn language better — discover meta-strategies for learning foreign languages! Follow on Twitter @polyglotmedium

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