Help! I Want to Pay You To Write About The Future

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I have a problem.

I have a paying publication called After the Storm, and I am not getting enough submissions. I have been looking for leftist writers to make awesome stories and essays about building a better society, and unlike most Medium publications, I pay!

What We Want

We want stories that describe a world beyond our current oppressive society. Stories that span beyond white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, imperialism, capitalism, and so much more. We operate under the assumption that to reach a place, you first have to imagine it.

Want to tell a hope punk story about a worker's coop?

How about a fantasy piece about female historians describing the fall of the patriarchy?

What about an essay about the end of money?

If you believe that humanity can be better than it is, that a fairer world is possible, then we might be the publication for you!

If this sounds like your thing, check out our submission guide.

Why This Work Is Important

Looking at the media landscape today — from movies to TV shows to podcasts to video games — all major productions exist within our system of predatory capitalism. Except for maybe the Star Trek franchise, contemporary mainstream media imagining what a leftist victory would mean for the world is nonexistent. Most leftist titles seek to examine the alienation and oppression that occurs under capitalism (see Sorry to Bother You, Disco Elysium, etc.) rather than trying to paint a picture of what a successful leftist future would look like — warts and all.

While it is important to use media to highlight the problems with capitalism, the absence of a positive socialist vision has been detrimental to our ability to fight for that future. It impairs the larger public’s ability to imagine what life would look like after capitalism (an inability that Mark Fisher refers to as “Capitalist Realism”) and makes their radicalization that much harder. It also hampers leftist activists from having more productive discussions about long-term strategy because they too are limited by the lack of spaces in which to creatively imagine, even as they work towards post-capitalist futures.

Part of the reason for this gap in storytelling is that there are scarcely any spaces that welcome the few leftist writers who want to tell these stories. Most of the literary world reinforces the same systems of oppression we see within larger pop culture stories themselves and repeat them ad nauseam. Many writers and producers in the entertainment world are white and male creatives who successfully and continuously reinforce liberalism, conservatism, and most of all, capitalism. Self-identified leftists who want to thrive within that paradigm have to either make their writing palatable for those ideologies or operate outside it entirely.

However, money and resources are not as readily available for writers who wish to work against the grain. Only a handful of fiction publications unabashedly advocate for anti-capitalist works, even fewer that can afford to pay their writers, and fewer still that work within our proposed niche of imagining futures beyond capitalism.

That’s where this publication comes in! We want to pay the leftist radicals out there on Medium for how they think we can get a better future. All accepted pieces will get paid $20 via Paypal because we believe you deserve more than the few cents paid in the Medium’s Paid Partnership program.

Submit to Us

Help us today!

Go to our submission page to learn how to apply to us.

Only by imagining and evoking a positive vision of a post-capitalist society can we provide fertile soil from which a transformation into such a society may spring. By expanding our collective imagination, we can then make that future a reality!



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