RESPONSE - thank you for the reply.

This comment has given me a lot to think about. I definitely agree with you that the "liberal" police force in this alternate world is authoritarian. When Angela tortured someone in the Pilot it made me very uncomfortable. I truthfully almost stopped watching the show there.

I think your interpretation is valid. I was trying to speak more in the meta-sense about how the construction of a liberal police force in a narrative (given our present reality) is inherently triggering, even before the most recent uprising. Though, I think I could have articulated that better.

The mask legislation in this world makes it seem like the police are actively targeted, but in retrospect, the power they hold (as police) makes this claim contentious. I could write an entire article about how the police are framed in this world, and maybe one day will.

Thank you for your great words, and I look forward to reading your future work as well.

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