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Okay, I firstly want to say that I don’t think Pete has pivoted at all. The whole point of this article was that these were his underlying beliefs the entire time. I don’t mean to be mean, but this ommision makes me kind of doubt that you read the article in its entirety.

Secondly, I have read his autobiography. It was well written, but I don’t think it disproves anything I have written

Thirdly, Vox is not a monolithic entity. If an individual Vox writer has criticized the Current Affairs article in question (a criticism you have not linked to), it doesn’t prove anything in of itself. I would have to read the articles points.

Fourthly, the idea that Pete had to form his policies after running is scary to me because it means his first and most important objective is being president. I am wary of that being his main priority.

You have made a lot of points, but have not linked to them. I ask all readers to constantly question sources, which is why I link back to my research as often as I can.

I do encourage that you launch your own medium blog as well. The world needs more voices in it.

Have a pleasant year. Due to a high volume of comments, I cannot promise that I will respond.

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