RESPONSE —Thank you for your reply! I am super torn on this scene.

I 100% agree that nudity is not itself sexual. Something about this scene still screams objectification to me in how she’s framed, even though narratively I do not think they are framing her transformation as a positive.

It’s too posed. I know she’s in pain and exhausted afterward, but I feel like the framing contradicts this emotion.

In general, I was very torn on how this series unfolded. There are A LOT of “difficult” women whose portrayals I loved.

There were also a lot of female extras, which is a small note, but something that speaks to the level of commitment the show's creator had to gender parity.

I was still frustrated by the narrative. Henry Cavill is quite attractive, but I wanted to skip every one of his scenes.

I firmly believe that shows evolve over time, and I see the potential for season 2 to be either great (or much worse).

Either way, I am excited to see it!


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