RESPONSE — thank you for your response.

As a writer, I do not think I get to dictate to you what piece of media you see yourself in. I think it is great that Good Omens means something to you.

As a nonbinary person myself, I have very mixed feelings on this show, and Niel Gaimon’s approach here in general. There is a lot of evidence that the cast worked hard to create a diverse and queer world (

I use they/them pronouns myself, and I definitely noticed when they were used in the show.

Still, I find the text itself frustrating because a lot of this information I had to discover outside of the actual show. People will link tweets, articles or references to the book to make their point about Good Omens queerness, and I think that is a failure of this text. It is not a show that is maliciously queerbaiting, but from my perspective, it still classifies as such.

This show is subtextually queer, but I still think there is a failure of directness in establishing that queerness openly. If the intention is to have the ineffable husbands to be in an agendered relationship, and/or for them to be ace, then I want it articulated clearly.

If all of heaven and hell are gendered utopias/dystopias, then I want some discussion. The rules in this universe are very loose and I think that wobbliness undercuts the strength of this representation.

This is my opinion on this particular text, but I do not think that you or your gender identity are invalid. You are valid, and you should take pleasure in whatever representation validates that identity for you.

I write about pop culture and politics. Follow me on Twitter: Write for me:

I write about pop culture and politics. Follow me on Twitter: Write for me: