Thank you for your comment.

I don't know if we can truly make the claim that genocide would be something every group of people would do if they could. That's a conversation about human nature that we might just disagree on. There are plenty of examples of victorious groups simply kicking out their oppressor without systemically massacring them. Vietnam's expulsion of the French comes to mind.

Regardless, though, Haiti was not capable of committing a genocide. Few oppressed groups are, even if they want to because they do not have the resources. It's hard enough escaping under the yoke of your oppressor (something few countries genuinely are able to do), let alone organizing a purge of that oppressor country shortly after liberation.

Yet despite it not being likely being to happen, we still see the white genocide trope constantly, and it is often used to stifle good faith conversations about redistribution and reparations in real life. Science fiction and fantasy allow this, quite frankly unrealistic scenario to be given credence, (e.g. the Expanse, Bioshock Infinite, etc.) because anything can happen on the page.

It's far more likely, though, that the push for freedom fails (e.g. the over 200 slave revolts in America), they become a puppet state (e.g. kind of like actual Haiti tbh), or they redirect that hatred towards a group the imperialist power formerly uplifted during its administration (e.g. the Rwandan genocide).

Those scenarios are far more realistic and truer to life than a loose coalition with a population the size of France, spread across the vastness of space, with no cohesive government, challenging a civilization in the billions.

That's my argument. Thank you for your time.




I write about pop culture and politics. Follow me on Twitter: Write for me:

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Alex Mell-Taylor

Alex Mell-Taylor

I write about pop culture and politics. Follow me on Twitter: Write for me:

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