These are rough times. Under capitalism, however, you are not entitled to a return on investment. In much the same way that I could lose everything if the valuation of stock, crypto, or real estate tanked, "uncooperative" tenants are the risk you take.

If that sounds unfair and cruel, then it's the capitalist system you actually have issues with. Because unlike capitalists, I don't think you should suffer just because one bad investment goes awry. That sucks, and I am sorry for your financial troubles.

Now there is a separate political issue about whether housing should be a commodity at all, and that has nothing to do with you as a person. When people bemoan landlords, they are complaining about how most people have to fork over the majority of their earnings for a service (housing) that is in many cases life and death. This money goes to someone else (a landlord) so that person can pay off a mortgage. Most people cannot afford to save and buy any assets whatsoever, so there is a lot of frustration directed at the people who are making money off of essential services like housing.

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